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Tungsten Target Physical Properties

The material of tungsten sputtering target is pure tungsten (W), so it also has the physical properties of tungsten, which is silver-white, rare and refractory metals, and looks like steel, having high melting point, high boiling point, low vapor pressure, small thermal expansion coefficient, excellent electrical and thermal conductivity (metallic properties), high temperature creep resistance, selectivity of erosion resistance and other properties.

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High temperature creep properties refers to, in high temperature environment, the product, due to stress, appear isothermal deformation phenomenon. Whereas high temperature creep resistance referring to the phenomenon that products own the properties of high temperature resistance and is not easy to appear isothermal deformation, that is to say, tungsten target can tolerate higher temperatures without deforming.

Vapor pressure≠ atmospheric pressure. Vapor pressure reflects that a few molecules with larger energy in solution have a tendency of escaping from the body into space. Thermal expansion coefficient means the phenomenon that the object volume changes as its unit temperature changes, in most cases, the coefficient is positive, that is, the volume expand with temperature increases.

Its main physical properties are listed below:

Physical properties of tungsten target
Element symbol: W Atomic number: 74
Status / Surface: solid / polished or caustic Relative atomic mass: 183.85
Density (g / cm3): 19.35 Electric work function: 4.55 eV
Purity: ≥99.95% Heat of vaporization: 823.85 ± 20.9kJ / mol (boiling)
Melting point: 3422 ℃ Heat of sublimation: 847.8 kJ / mol (25 ℃)
Boiling point: 5555 ℃ (at a standard atmospheric pressure) Latent heat of fusion: 40.13 ± 6.67kJ / mol
Color: Silver or steel gray Stable isotopes and account for%:
180 (0.14); 182 (26.41); 183 (14.40); 184 (30.64); 186 (28.41)
Category: transition metal / non-ferrous metal / refractory metal / rare metal Resistance temperature coefficient: 0.00482 I / ℃
Moh's hardness: 7.5 W-α type: stable body-centered cubic structure
Compressibility: 2.910-7 cm / kg W-β Type: appear under aerobic conditions, which is stable below 630 ℃, and will convert toαtungsten above 630 ℃and the process is irreversible.
Elasticity Modulus:35000 ~ 38000 MPa (wire) Bulk modulus: 3.108 × 1011-1.579 × 107t + 0.344 × 103t2 Pa
Torsion modulus: ~ 36000Mpa Shear modulus: 4.103 × 1011-3.489 × 107t + 7.55 × 103t2 Pa

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