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Tungsten Target Chemicals

The grade of pure tungsten is expressed in the form: W + figures; doped tungsten (silicon, potassium and aluminum) is expressed as: WA1 + figures

Sampling position of its chemical composition
Unless there are specified product standard, or allow manufacturers to sample and analyze on tungsten, tungsten alloy ingots and powder metallurgy blanks.

Sampling requirements
When sampling the chemical composition, you should remove oil, dirt and oxide and the like of the product surface; in the process of sampling and sample preparation, oxidation corrosion and pollution should be avoided to keep the composition of the sample.

Chemical analysis and analysis report
Analytical method
Chemical composition analysis of the tungsten and tungsten alloy product, allowing for a second component analysis, and the results of the second one is the basis for the final decision.
Analysis and numerical rounding
In the chemical analysis report, significant digits value should be consistent with the corresponding limit values of significant digits of chemical composition of the table. Numerical rounding is in accordance with relevant provisions of GB / T 8170.

Tungsten target chemicals with purity of 99.95% shown as follows

Chemicals /Levels FW-1
Tungsten content (%) ≥ 99.95
content (%)
Fe 0.0050
Al 0.001
Si 0.002
Mg 0.001
Mn 0.001
Ni 0.003
As 0.0015
Pb 0.0001
Bi 0.0001
Sn 0.0003
Sb 0.0001
Cu 0.0007
Ca 0.002
Mo 0.005
K+Na 0.003
P 0.001
C 0.005
O 0.2

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