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pure tungsten target(disc-shape)
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Tungsten Target Manufacturing Process

Thanks to tungsten target’s own advantage, it has been widely used in the aviation, the electronic information industry, medical and smelting equipment and other fields required coating. Target materials can be prepared by tungsten powder or tungsten blanks, which can form its own shape, through use vacuum melting, ordinary hot-press, cold sintering and other methods by metal smelting, powder metallurgy, non-metallic powder molding method.

rectangle tungsten target several different types of tungsten target

Tungsten target manufacturing process:
Tungsten target go through the process of pressing and molding, sintering, hot isostatic pressing, cold rolling, annealing, cutting back and then binding with a copper.
By forging, hot or cold rolling, then heat-treating to eliminate stress profiles and make it homogenizing or by high temperature sintering to increase its density.
Then by milling, planning, grinding and other machining processes.
Sometimes it is needed to bind with oxygen-free copper backplane ground after some target metallization.
Cleaning and drying.
Package the tungsten target product after testing by ultrasonic or X-rays and other methods.

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