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Tungsten Target in Decorative Coating

Decorative coating articles obtained by vacuum sputtering coating technology is better than got by baking finish, electroplating and other methods, which embodied in: decorative coating products own higher hardness, brighter brightness, better oxidation resistance, and not easy to fall off , and not easy to fade and so on.
What are the advantages of using vacuum sputtering coating technology?
(1) It has a good controllability and repeatability;
(2) Film component can have many types --- powders, granules, blank, element, compound, and mixtures;
(3) It has a high adhesive strength of the film;
(4) The basic components do not change, without melting point restriction.

What is baking finish?
Baking finish is emerging as a paint spraying process in furniture manufacturing industry, which can also be used to decorative coating.
Process: spray several layers of paint on the workpiece which has polished to a certain roughness, and form its shape after baking at high temperature. The quality requirement of paint for the process is higher, requiring better color rendering.
(1) Low temperature baking finish, the curing temperature is: 140-180 ℃.
(2) High temperature baking finish, curing temperature is: 280-400 ℃,its full name called Polytetrafluoroetylene, referred to as Teflon, F4, etc.

watch plated tungsten ring plated tungsten

What is electroplating?
Electroplating refers to the process that using electrolytic principle to spray a thin layer of metal film or alloy film on a metal surface. Using this method can prevent the metal oxide (rust), and improve the metal conductivity, wear resistance, corrosion resistance (copper sulfate) and enhance aesthetics and so on. Some of the coins’ outer layer is adopting electroplating.
Electroplating methods are barrel plating, hanging plating, brush plating and continuous plating, etc., which is mainly determined by its workpiece size and bulk.

With the increasing development of science and technology and people's living standards, people are also increasing their requirements of decorative coating articles on its performance of wear resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, of course, it can also beautify the color of these coating objects.
Decorative coating means coating in sanitary ware (faucets and shower heads, etc.), stainless steel, housing (computers and cell phones, etc.), the car's rearview mirror, the inner panel of the elevator, door handles, door locks, watch strap and case , rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, glasses and other items which need surface coating.

The target materials commonly used in decorative coating are tungsten, titanium, chromium, nickel, stainless steel, aluminum, etc., after passing into oxygen, nitrogen and other gases, it can form different colors, such as, silver, bronze, pink, golden yellow and gray black.

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