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Tungsten Target Application

Common types of tungsten target have flat-target type, arc target type and rotary-target type.

Tungsten sputtering targets application:

(1) Decorative coating
Coating in the decorative work (computer shell, phone shell, watch bands, necklaces, rings, earrings, etc.) can improve its corrosion resistance, wear resistance and high temperature resistance properties, not only to prolong the life of the product, but also can play a role in landscaping .
Currently, the target commonly used in decorative coating has W, Ti, Ni, Al, Cr and stainless steel, after inletting into N2, O2 or other gases, can form a variety of colors such as bronze, silver, gold, pink and ash black.

(2) Tool and mold coating
Coating in the tool (drill, tool bit, etc.) or precision molds (precision parts, powder metallurgy mold, etc.).
Now there are many kinds of target materials for tool and mold coating, such as, W, Ti, Ti-N, Ti-C, Cr-N, Ti-Al alloys and other super-hard metal.

(3) Solar cell coating
Tungsten target for solar cells coating can improve the optical performance of the solar cell.
Solar cell is a kind of photovoltaic semiconductor slice, which can directly make use of the energy released by the sun to generate electricity, which can output voltage when it is exposed in the sunlight.
According to its classification, its coating materials is also different, coating materials that commonly used in solar cells are W, Si, Ti, Mo, Al, Ag, Cr, Cu, Zn-O and the like.

(4) Glass coating
Glass materials which needed coating are architectural glass, automotive glass and optical glass. Target applied in glass are mainly for the manufacture of low emission glass coating (also known as energy-saving glass), in other words, using the principle of magnetron sputtering principle to sputter multilayer film on glass, to save energy, control light, decorative role.

(5) Petroleum, chemical and electronic information industry (semiconductor integrated circuits, information storage, electronic controls, etc.) and other fields

As the rapid development world's electronic information and other high-tech industries and the improvement of people's quality requirements for products, tungsten target demand is also increasing year by year, which has brought new opportunities and challenges for the survival and development of Chinese target manufacture industry.

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