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Tungsten Target Advantages and Disadvantages

Tungsten target owns the following advantages:
High elasticity modulus;
It has molding plastic features;
High melting point (3422 ℃);
With a high purity(≥99.95%);
With good electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity;
Selective erosion resistance;
Its impurities and oxygen content is relatively low;
Its composition and organization structure are all uniform;
With high relative density (up to 19.35 g / cm3);
Having finer grain size, uniform and equiaxed grains and high consistency;
With creep resistance (High dimensional stability, which can be used as high-temperature load structure);
Low thermal expansion coefficient (it is vital for its application in the field of LED, V-LED can be used as a base material in the future);

Tungsten target owns the following disadvantages:
Because tungsten texture is brittle, so tungsten target is difficult to process; and its surface prone to crack and easily oxidized, resulting in high rejection rate, so the production cost is relatively high.

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