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Tungsten Target in X - Ray Tube

 X ray tube

What is X - ray?
X - ray is discovered by the German physicist --- Roentgen, so it also called roentgen ray, its wavelength is very short, between 0.001 to 100 angstroms, you can not see it without special equipment. And it owns strong penetrating ability, for example, it can penetrate wood and ink paper. It is an electromagnetic wave, whose wavelength is between UV (ultraviolet rays) and γ-rays.
Soft X - ray: its wavelength is between 1-100 angstroms;
Hard X - ray: its wavelength is between 0.1-1 angstroms;
Super-hard X - ray: its wavelength is less than 0.1 angstroms.
X - ray can be used in medical diagnostic imaging, its radiation, which is harmful to human beings, is strong. So you should pay attention to protection.

X - ray tube for medical

What is X - ray tube?
X - ray tube is a kind of vacuum diode, for generating X-rays, its composition are cathode and anode, in which cathode is filament for emitting electrons, whereas anode is target for receiving the electron bombardment, working under high pressure conditions.
According to different ways of generating electrons, it can be divided into (1) inflatable tube (2) vacuum tube.
According to application, it can be divided into (1) Medical X - ray tube (2) industry X - ray tube.
Application: in medicine, X - ray tube is used for diagnosis and treatment, whereas in industrial technology, it can be used for non-destructive testing of materials, structural analysis, spectral analysis, and film exposure and so on. Because X - ray is harmful, so effective protective measures should be taken when using it.

Why tungsten target can be applied for X - ray tube?
According to X - ray classification and different application, tungsten target’s requirements are also different.
X - ray tube used in vacuum and medical aspect: X - ray tube is used to strike tungsten target, in vacuum X - ray tubes, high-energy electrons are guided. The strike from electrons will generate a short wavelength --- X - ray; these rays will pass through vacuum tube, which can be used for medical diagnosis, castings and engineering welding. Tungsten has a very high melting point, so it does not melt, and the target rotary frequently to obtain a fresh target surface. 99% is heat energy, and less than 1% of electric energy is delivered to X - ray tube as X - ray.

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