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Tungsten Target

What is target?
Target is to serve as a target material for high speed energetic particle bombardment. It can be used in high-energy laser weapons, when a variety of targets react with different power densities, different output waveforms, and different wavelengths of laser, which will produce different damage and destructive effects.

The coating target is commonly used nowadays, which refers to sputtering on the substrate to form a sputtering source of various functional films in an appropriate process environment, by magnetron sputtering technology, multi-arc ion plating technology and other coating technologies. Using different target materials (such as, pure metal, alloy) to obtain film with different properties, such as, wear resistance, corrosion resistance or high density and the like.

What is tungsten target?
Tungsten target owns silver-white metallic luster, which is made of pure tungsten powder (purity is more than 99.95%), also known as tungsten sputtering target. It possesses many good properties, such as, high melting point, good flexibility, low coefficient expansion, good thermal stability, etc. And it has been widely applied in thin film material, semiconductor integrated circuit, X- ray tubes, medical and smelting equipment, rare earth smelting, aviation and other fields.

tungsten target

Grade: W1
The o2-containing: ≤20ppm
Density: ≥19.1g / cm³
Deflection wrestling: ≈500Mpa
Quality Standard: GB / T 3875-2006
Shape: rectangle, square, disc, tube, etc.
The diameter of average transparent textures: ≤100um
Surface: smoothing, CNC machining, polishing

Pure tungsten target specifications
Unit: mm

Product name Thickness Width Length parallelism  verticality  Surface finish
Tungsten target 8.0~16.0 10~450 10~500 <0.05 <2o <Ra0.8
3.0~8.0 10~450 10~800 <0.05 <2o <Ra0.8
1.0~3.0 10~450 10~1200 <0.05 <2o <Ra0.8

Special size can be available according to customer requirements

Why choose pure tungsten as target raw material?
Because tungsten target has the following advantages:
1. High purity, tungsten target after sintering and forging can get purity of 99.95% or more than;
2. Molding plastic, adopting powder metallurgy, can be pressed into shape;
3. High density, its density can reach more than 19.1g/cm3 after forging;
4. Relative low impurities and oxygen;
5. Uniform composition and organization structure, improve tungsten target’ deflection;
6. Finer grain size, uniform and isometric grain and higher consistency; quality of the coating product is relatively high;
7. Thanks to the wide application of powder metallurgy method, tungsten target cost is lower than titanium and other material.

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