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Tungsten Target in Thin Film Material

There are two types of film, thin film and thick film. If the thickness of the film is less than 1μm, it is thin film; if more than 1μm, it is thick film.
Common plastic film material are nylon film (PA), coating aluminum film, polyester film (PET), low density polyethylene film (LDPE), biaxially oriented polypropylene film (BOPP) and so on. Film materials have been widely applied in medicine, chemical, food and other fields, in which food packaging account for the largest proportion, such as, fast-food packaging, frozen food packaging, beverage packaging and so on.

Nowadays a new method --- physical vapor deposition (PVD) have been used to sputter thin film material, wherein tungsten target act as target goal. The thin film made by this method owns the properties of high density, good adhesion and smooth surface without cracks, double-skin, lamination, and impurities. With the growing demand for high-purity metals and alloys, magnetron sputtering technology has gradually stepped into the public view.

PVD coating equipment pure tungsten target

Physical vapor deposition (PVD) is a kind of vapor deposition technology, and the other two are chemical vapor deposition (CVD) and plasma chemical vapor deposition (PCVD-), its classification is in accordance with film formation mechanism. Tungsten film materials are usually prepared by adopting one of the method, or combining with other preparation technology to improve the performance of the tungsten film.

Physical vapor deposition refers to the deposition technology that the metal particles generated by evaporation, ionization / sputtering and other process will form a compound with reaction gas and deposit on the workpiece surface.
Physical vapor deposition method includes vacuum sputtering, ion plating and vacuum plating, wherein, ion plating has a wider application.

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